Protect your storage facility

Make sure your storage facility is always safe with our various sensors such as motion and smoke detection. Furthermore we can help you analyze camera data live and inform you early on if something suspicious is happening.

Digital Lock
Video Analysis

Analyze all park data in one place

In order to ensure a smooth park management, we gather all relevant data points and help you to monitor activity in your location, track power consumption of tenants and show you ways how to improve on your cost and efficiency.

Smart Meter
Activity Monitoring

Automate your processes

Save cost by automating manual processing such as booking and payments but also access handling and move-ins/outs. With ivy, you are able to create a fully unmanned storage facility.

Online Booking

Seamless integration in your existing infrastructure

With ivy, you do not have to worry about integration with your existing hardware or software. Our solution integrates smoothly with your existing infrastructure..


Provide your customers with a best-in-class digital experience

Onboard and retain customers faster by giving them all the tools they need: fast online booking, easy-to-use mobile application and a customer portal where they can find all relevant customer data.

Online Booking
Customer Portal
Mobile App

Manage all your storage facilities in one place

No more need for a plethora of tools. With ivy, you have all your park data in one place – from creating units to alerts and notifications in case of an incident.

Park Management Software
Park Analytics
Events & Notifications

From digital access solutions, to sensors and software to manage and analyze your storage location – we have the right product for you.

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